Officer Candidate School (OCS)

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OCS is a physically and mentally challenging course designed to transform new Soldiers or those with prior military experience into strong and effective leaders. Federal commission earned through Texas Army National Guard OCS is transferable to Active Duty or the Reserves upon completion of the National Guard commitment.

Military Occupational Specialty - 09S Option 

If you are currently not in the National Guard or are prior service and are interested in becoming an officer, then 09S may be an option. 09S is a specific MOS that is used by the National Guard to identify those who are joining the TXARNG for purposes of becoming an officer. To qualify for this enlistment applicant must meet a minimum 90-college-hour requirement and other details apply. Please contact your local Texas Army National Guard enlisted recruiter to apply as a 09S and start enjoying the benefits the Guard has to offer.


Benefits of OCS

- Up to $50K paid for student loans (Applicable to 09S ONLY)

- $4500 State Tuition Assistance

- $4500 Federal Tuition Assistance

- Up to $366 per weekend as a 2LT

- $350 ARNG GI Bill Kicker (Applicable up to 90 days after commissioning)

 For additional info please contact an officer specialist.


Recruiting & Retention Command

Recruiting and Retention Command 


Officer Candidate School Coordinator

SFC George A. Lloyd

Basic Branch OIC

CPT Travis Urbanek 


Phone:  512-782-5491

Phone: 512-782-5882 



Complete your OCS packet* once you enlist with the assistance of your unit RNCO, Company Commander or Battalion OIC. 

*Adobe Flash required to download entire packet. Click on links below to download individual documents:
5) ERB & DA 2-1 (Example)
8) DA Form 705 (Example)
9) DD Form 214 (Example)
10) DD Form 1966 (Example)
13) JPAS
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